About Rooftop on the Hanok

Brief Introduction


Welcome readers and website visitors! If you are reading this page, it is likely that you have an interest in South Korea and all that it entails. The good news is that you have come to the right place, as Rooftop on the Hanok is a blog that focuses solely on Korea. My name is David Kute and I am an educator and writer living in Seoul. I created Rooftop on the Hanok in 2019 with the goal of sharing some of the unique perspectives of life on the Korean peninsula I had become accustomed to after living in the country for more than a decade. Make sure to subscribe or bookmark this site to get original Korea-related content. Readers of Rooftop on the Hanok can learn more about unique people, organizations, and businesses; the Korean arts scene; useful travel information; lifestyle advice; academic perspectives; Korean expat life; original reporting; traditional recipes; and more.


About Rooftop on the Hanok


Rooftop on the Hanok focuses on various aspects of Korean life, including arts, culture, food, events, and tourism. Posts include feature articles, listicles, interviews, reviews, travel articles, and guest posts. The blog’s goal is to share the unique side of South Korea and its capital city, Seoul. After I started the blog in late 2019, all work on it was temporarily abandoned in light of the global pandemic in February 2020. Work on the blog began again in late May 2021 and given the current situation, one post a month as a minimum is reasonable given the many restrictions on travel, businesses, and the arts that are still ongoing. As an English language blog written by an American, views may reflect the expat experience rather than that of native-born Koreans.


The Story Behind Rooftop on the Hanok


I have an appreciation for Seoul life. A California native, I have lived and worked in South Korea for about a decade. One day, I decided to share my knowledge of Seoul’s distinct neighborhoods, many of which are littered with traditional Korean houses called hanoks. I thought that the hanok was the perfect symbol of the Korean peninsula’s unique place in East Asia, as it balances artistry and simplicity at the same time. As a result, I started a blog and called it Rooftop on the Hanok. It is my hope that readers enjoy the posts on this site, and add to their knowledge about life on the Korean peninsula.




Questions, concerns, and feedback can be directed to David Kute at admin@rooftoponthehanok.com.


David Kute started Rooftop on the Hanok in early 2019 to highlight varied aspects of South Korea, including arts, culture, food, events, and tourism.